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INSET Training for Teachers and Play Therapy for Children

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every child came to school happy, healthy and ready to learn? Unfortunately, many children arrive in the classroom full of worries, anger and other troubles that make it difficult for them to learn.

Alongside therapeutic interventions such as play therapy, Teachers and TAs have an important role to play in supporting the emotional needs of children, so they can overcome their difficulties and begin to thrive in the classroom. 

I offer play therapy to schools and training and mentoring for staff, in understanding and managing challenging behaviour and supporting neurodivergent children. 

"Aideen has offered an outstanding play therapy service with concrete structures and procedures of referral that are simple for schools to work with ... we notice huge improvements made by each individual child"

- Inclusion Manager of a London Primary School


Available to Cardiff schools from September 2024

Play therapy provides a safe place for children to express their troubles and helps improve emotional literacy and problem solving skills.

Play therapy can help children who are experiencing mental ill health or emotional distress be more able to access the learning opportunities provided to them at school.

Teachers report that over 85% of the children I’ve worked with have demonstrated emotional, social and behavioural improvements after a period of play therapy. 

Playful Pathways, Play Therapy in London

What I can offer your School

  • I can work with individual children or small groups

  • I offer regular verbal progress updates to teachers and parents and a written end of therapy report

  • I can support staff through regular formal or informal guidance in managing behaviour, understanding child development and supporting social and emotional wellbeing in the classroom

  • I can provide full play therapy tools and materials, including sand trays, numerous miniatures, art materials, puppets, musical instruments, books and various other items

  • I will work within the ethos and values of your school, and observe the Safeguarding, Health and Safety and other polices set out by your school

  • I am DBS checked, a member of BACP and attend regular clinical supervision 

I can also help struggling parents through my Playful Pathways Programmes or deliver parent education workshops and seminars

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