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The most important thing to a parent is their relationship with their child...

From bespoke, hands-on parenting coaching, to facilitated family creative play and creative arts sessions, I provide a range of programmes and confidential support services to help parents navigate the challenges of parenting and bring families closer together.
I can work with London-based families at my studio in Brixton, in their home, or online with families living elsewhere in the UK, or internationally
Playful Pathways Play Therapy and Parenting support in London

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Playful Pathways Programmes

"Aideen is absolutely amazing at what she does!
Our parenting sessions with her have helped us enormously, teaching us how to deal with difficult situations and how to connect and communicate better as a family.
We can’t thank her enough for all her help and support"
- Mrs D. - Playful Relationships Programme


A personalised coaching and parenting support service,

tailored to the needs of each individual family. Your own personal Super Nanny!


  • Are being challenged by their child's day-to-day difficult behaviour

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by the emotional and practical demands of parenting

  • Find it difficult to set and maintain consistent boundaries

  • Are struggling to understand and be understood by their children

  • Would like support and guidance in establishing a simpler, calmer and more cooperative family routine

  • Would like to be less stressed and more playful with their children.

DURATION: An initial 90 min consultation, followed by coaching over several days or weeks, depending on the needs of the family.

FORMAT: In-home coaching sessions with either or both parents.

Possible options  - 3 days (approx) of observation and hands on troubleshooting support

                                - Weekly or twice weekly one-to-one coaching sessions over several weeks 

                                - A combination of observations, coaching and follow up support

 Playful Pathways Coaching sessions are also available online for families located outside of London

WHAT YOU'LL TAKE AWAY: Practical advice and skills in understanding and managing behaviour, routines and parent-child relationships. You'll feel empowered and enthusiastic about new ways to enjoy playful family time. 

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